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Our 2018 Tax Booklet provides a handy overview of all tax rates and exemptions. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions or need advice regarding your tax.

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The Income Tax Rates for 2019

  • Single/Widowed – €34,550 at 20%, Balance at 40%
  • Single Parent/Widowed Parent – €38,550 at 20%, Balance at 40%
  • Married Couple/Civil Partners (one income) – €43,550 at 20%, Balanace at 40%
  • Married Couple/Civil Partners (two incomes) – €69,100 at 20%, Balanace at 40%

Earned Income Credit

The Earned Income Credit of €1,150 is available to individuals earning self-employed, trading or professional income. For company directors, the credit will apply to proprietary directors as their earnings are not taken into account for the purposes of the Employee (PAYE) Tax credit. Where an
individual has earned income which qualifies for Employee (PAYE) Tax Credit and Earned Income Tax Credit, the combined value of both tax credits cannot exceed €1,650.

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Tax Savings for GPs, Dentists, Consultants and Medical Companies

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