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Irish Economic Outlook – page 1
Tax Briefs – page 3
      • Earned Income Tax Credit


      • Pay and File Summary


      • Electronic Tax Clearance


      • Flood Relief Concessions


      • Capital Gains Tax Clearance Certificates
Irish Adults Greatest Concern – page 4
Regulation of Lobbying Act 2016 – page 4
Business Briefs – page 5
      • Changes to the Employment and Investment Incentive Scheme


      • Irish Bankruptcy Law


      • National Minimum Wage Increase


      • Beware of FX Changes
Travel Expensives for Sole Traders – page 6
The Companies (Accounting) Bill 2015 – page 6
Legal Briefs – page 7
      • Implication of Marital Breakdown


      • Industrial Relations (Amendment) Act 2015


      • New Legal Requirements for Online Sales to Consumers
Benefits which steer people to the Franchise Model – page 8

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