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Web Presence – page 1
Tax Briefs – page 3
      • Termination of Carry Forward of Certain Unused Capital Allowances
      • eTax Clearance
      • HRI Electronic System
      • Reverse Charge and Construction Sector
      • Pay and File Summary
What Makes a Great Company Name – page 4
Business Briefs – page 5
      • Are you looking to access funding for your business?
      • Companies Act 2014 – Key Dates in 2016
      • Credit Guarantee Amendment Act 2016
New Legal Requirements for Online Sales for Consumers – page 6
Losing the Ability to Earn an Income could be a financial headache – page 6
Legal Briefs – page 7
        • Can Annual Leave be Accrued Whilst on Sick Leave
        • Flooding – Ah the poor Neighbours
        • Must a New Landlord Register as Owner to Collect Rent
Should I stay or should I go now – the UK Dilemma over Brexit – page 8
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