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managing foreign exchange exposure in the new world – page 1
 Tax Briefs – page 3
      • Medical Expense Claims
      • Pay and File Summary
      • Mileage and Subsistence Rates
Social Media and Email Marketing A Perfect Match – page 4
Business Briefs – page 5
      • Quarterly National Household Survey for Q1 2017
      • Enterprise Ireland “Be Prepared” Grant
      • Mandatory E-Filing
      • Revenue Opinions and Confirmations
Revenue Update – page 6
The Companies (Accounting) Act 2017 – page 6
Legal Briefs – page 7
      • Time Period in Respect of Personal Injuries Cases
      • Employers – What Constitutes Reasonable Accommodation?
        • The Frustration of

      Lis Pendens

      • Because Who Likes to Wait?
How to Make Your Business Attractive to a Business Angel – page 8

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