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Exporting: Methods of Payment – page 2
Tax Briefs – page 3

Growth Shares
Central Register of Beneficial Owners of Shares of Trusts
Pay and File Summary

Finance Bill 2021: An Overview – page 4
Business Briefs – page 5

Europe set to require common charger for most consumer products
Rent to be capped at 2% in rent pressure zones

CRM: Keeping Customers and Growing Your Business – page 6
Fitness for Work: Guide for Employers and Employees after COVID-19 Absence – page 6
Legal Briefs – page 7

Employees to be given legal rights on payment of tips
Consumer Rights Bill 2021
Updated Work Safety Protocol October 2021

A Modern Marketing Map for Customer Centric Success – page 8
medical consultants in meeting

Tax Savings for GPs, Dentists, Consultants and Medical Companies

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