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TWSS operated from 26 March to 31 August 2020.

Revenue are currently providing a reconciliation to all employers. It will ensure that there is an accurate reconciliation between the:

  • subsidy amounts paid by Revenue to employers, and
  • subsidy amounts that were properly payable to employers for relevant employees and paid to those employees.

Where Revenue has paid an employer a temporary wage subsidy in relation to a specified employee, and the employer did not pay that employee an additional amount equivalent to the temporary wage subsidy, or the employer was not entitled to receive a subsidy in respect of an employee, the employer is obliged to refund the subsidy.

Most employers have received a notification directly to their Revenue Online Service (ROS) inbox advising them that this information is now available, including their reconciliation balance. The reconciliation balance is calculated using the actual information provided to Revenue by employers.

Employers have until 30 June 2021 to review their TWSS reconciliation information, provide any outstanding information in relation to subsidies paid to employees, and accept the reconciliation balance on ROS. In the exceptional circumstance where an employer believes that the information he or she previously provided is incorrect, and that the reconciliation balance is therefore incorrect, he or she should review the subsidy paid data previously submitted and make any corrections required.

This will result in a revised reconciliation balance, which will be immediately available in ROS.

The TWSS warehouse scheme is available to employers who are obliged to refund amounts which are deemed to be overpayments of TWSS following a reconciliation undertaken by Revenue, and who are unable to refund these amounts because of the impact of COVID-19.

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